The Gingerbread Man



Run, run, as fast as you can.

You can't catch me,

I'm the Gingerbread Man!






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The Mailbox Kindergarten Dec/Jan 2000 - 2002


The Best of The Mailbox Preschool/Kindergarten, Volume 1  "The Gingerbread Man Comes to Class"  TEC 844

Celebrate the Months, December Grades K-3 "Cookie Day" pages 55-56 and "Gingerbread Day" 
CTP 2379

Charts for Children "The Gingerbread Man" pages 38-51
Cooperative Quilts, Classroom Quilts for the Entire School Year "Gingerbread Treat, A Yummy Quilt" 
GY 361764

Cup Cooking (recipes for Gingerbread and Pineapple Upside Down Gingerbread)

December Mailbox Idea Book Preschool-Kindergarten Idea Book "Stir Up the Senses with Gingerbread"  
TEC 205

December Mailbox Idea Book Grades 1-3  "Goodness Gracious!  It's Gingerbread"   
TEC 195

December Reproducible Activities for Kindergarten "Mmm... Gingerbread"  
TEC 967

Storytime Theme-A-Saurus "The Gingerbread Kid"   
WPH 1006

Scholastic's Thematic Units for Kindergarten by Kristin Schlosser "The Gingerbread Man" pages 52-

Theme-A-Saurus "Gingerbread People"    WPH1001

Whole Language Units for Favorite Tales "The Gingerbread Man" by Eric Kimmel   TCM 204


Month-by-Month Collaborative Books for Young Learners  "Gingerbread Child"


Teacher's Helper  Grade 1  Nov/Dec/Jan 1992 - 93

Short vowels





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