The Gingerbread Man



Run, run, as fast as you can.

You can't catch me,

I'm the Gingerbread Man!






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Take-Home Project:  Send a gingerbread man shape home copied onto brown construction paper or cardstock.  Encourage the students and their families to creatively decorate and return their gingerbread men. 


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Paperbag Gingerbread Man: Trace large cutout of gingerbread man on unopened brown paper bag.  Cut through both thicknesses.  Staple around outside, leaving one side of leg open.  Hole punch around the outside for students to lace with yarn.   Decorate.  Stuff bag slightly with tissue paper and close opening.


Decorate a Gingerbread Man:  This is a good activity for a Center.  Give each student a large gingerbread man that's been copied onto brown construction paper.  Have them cut it out and decorate it.  Provide wiggly eyes, buttons, beads, rick rack, ribbon, etc.  I'd try to stay away from food items unless it's dry cereal because if it contains oil, it will soak into the paper. :(~  I always provide a model for my students to look at if they choose.  Most of my kids have visual perception difficulties and it helps them to see "the whole picture" before they begin because they have problems planning inside their head what the finished product should look like.  Of course, some students want theirs to look like mine while others will create theirs with a totally different look.  Depends on the personality of the child.



Decorate A Gingerbread Man Cookie:  Because I'm not such a hot cookie maker (the cut-out cookies can either look good or taste good, but rarely both) I let my students decorate Little Debbie's gingerbread men cookies.  The cookies are yummy and come individually wrapped.  We just remove them from the package and use icing and candies to decorate them.  Then the best part is getting to eat them!  Mmmmm....!!!!!


Life Size Gingerbread Men:  Have each student lay on a sheet of brown bulletin board paper.  Trace around the student's body rounding off the arms and legs to resemble a gingerbread man shape.  Have students cut out and decorate their gingerbread man.   If you're very industrious, you can cut out two gingerbread men shape patterns for each student. Have them decorate one as the front and one as the back of the gingerbread man.  Then staple or glue around the edges and stuff with newspaper for a 3D effect.


Ornaments:  I've seen different variations of this idea in craft magazines.  I even added my own spin to it as well.  We started by tracing lids from Pringles cans onto brown construction paper.  Then we cut it out.  It wasn't easy making the tiny rick-rack go into a circle, so we had to help the children get this glued on.  Afterwards I decided it would be a lot easier for them to use a white paint pen to make the "rickrack effect".  Then the children glued on the eyes, a button nose of their choice, and black yarn for a mouth.  When it was all dry, I went back and added the highlight to the nose with a white paint pen and hotglued the bow in the appropriate place; boy's on the bottom, girl's on the top.  When that was dry, I added a loop of ribbon to the boy's ornaments, and a loop of plastic red cording to the girl's ornaments to use for hanging.



Another Ornament: You might not be able to tell from the picture, but this ornament was made from some copper type material that we ran across.  I believe it's really supposed to be used in construction of buildings.  It's very soft, so we cut it using the Ellison machine, then decorated it with beads and colored glue.  (This one has lost a couple of it's beads over the years)




Gingerbread Man Ornament:  This ornament we created the last time we did our Gingerbread Unit.  The cookies are gingersnaps, the eyes are raisins, and the nose and buttons are red hots.  We painted posterboard brown, then used homemade red construction paper rickrack to decorate it.  (I'd probably forgotten to get the rickrack!:) )


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Gingerbread Man Ornament:  This is a very cute Gingerbread Man ornament that my favorite Media Center Specialist found at a craft sale.  However, it could easily be adapted to be used with construction paper and/or wallpaper samples, as well as felt and fabric as you see here.  It wouldn't necessarily have to be sewn together, but could be glued together just as well.  His eyes are made from sequins.


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