The Gingerbread Man



Run, run, as fast as you can.

You can't catch me,

I'm the Gingerbread Man!






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Bulletin Board:  Cover the bulletin board with a red and white checked tablecloth.  Fashion a large aluminum cookie sheet from aluminum foil and attach it to one end of the board.  (the cookie sheet should take up over half of the board)  When your students bring back their decorated gingerbread men, you can display some of them on the cookie sheet, and have others jumping off to run away! 

Caption:  You Can't Catch Me ... I'm The Gingerbread Man! 


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Picture shared by Suzette in Kuwait

They even won a certificate for the Best Bulletin Board!


OR, if it's at the beginning of the school year you could use ...


I Couldn't Have Baked Up A Better Batch!


and have each gingerbread labeled with each student's name.


Purchased Bulletin Board Set:

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Hall Display:  This was actually "almost" part of a contest.  My kindergarten neighbors were entered in the contest, and since I'd already started displaying some of my GBM stuff and I knew the teacher across the hall was reading Gingerbread Baby, I suggested that they use a Gingerbread theme for the competition ... and that way I wouldn't detract from their decorations.  They liked the idea and I agreed to decorate my doorway as well to support them.  They won the contest for our building! :)  So here are pictures of all 4 doors.



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This first one is my door.  The GBM to the left of the door are in disguise.  They were sent home with the students to be completed as family projects.  We had one cheerleader, 3 Indian princesses, and 2 Hannah Montanas.  None of the boys returned theirs.  :(


This door was AWESOME!!!!! 

My neighbor and her daughter did a ton of work on it though ... but what creativity!


The door across the hall.  She used candy wrapping paper for the roof!

The other door across the hall.





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