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Thanks to the TA bunch for all their help in putting this page together! :)


S is for Socks

S is for socks

That you wear on your feet

Keeping your toes all warm and toasty

In all the colors of the rainbow!

~ Cindy Montgomery ~


Calendar Numbers and Headers:  Print these sock calendar numbers and headers to use with your sock unit!


Sock Calendar Headers


Sock Calendar Numbers


Black socks, they never get dirty,

The longer you wear them the stronger they get!

Sometimes I think I should wash them,

But something keeps telling me

No, no, not yet!

~ Girl Scout Song ~



Crazy Socks Day!: Introduce the unit by having the students wear their craziest pair of socks (and you wear yours of course, too!) and then leave their shoes at the door!  They'll love comparing and contrasting their socks!  What fun!!



Sorting: Another day, have Sock Day.  Then have students sort themselves into attributes.  They can sort themselves by color, by prints, by letters, by animals or objects, buttons, more than one color, stripes, polka dots, etc.  Or, by stripes/no stripes, red/no red, etc.



Take-Home Activity: Give each student an outline of sock on cardstock.  Have them take it home and decorate.  Use them to decorate a bulletin board or hallway.  You can hang them from a clothesline with captions like: "We're Just Hangin' Around",  "We're Just Hangin' Out", "We'll Knock Your Socks Off", "Putting Our Best Foot Forward"


Letter Discrimination:  Print these sheets that cover writing their name, /s/ sound, discrimination of letter Ss, color identification, writing Ss, "big" & "little" or "capital" & "lowercase", and following directions!


Letter S printable 1


Letter S printable 2


Letter S printable 3

(Because everyone uses different kinds of fonts in their classroom, I chose not to add Ss to the printing line on this page.  I would suggest that you add them by hand using a fine-tipped Sharpie marker before copying for your class.)


Letter S printable 4


Diddle, Diddle Dumpling

Diddle, diddle dumpling

my son John.

He went to bed with his socks on.

One shoe off and one shoe on.

Diddle, diddle dumpling

my son John!

~ Nursery Rhyme ~


Sock Alphabet: Print the alphabet cards on cardstock, laminate, and have students match the capital to lowercase letters.


Sock Alphabet Matching Cards



Sock Puppets: Use old mismatched socks and let the children make sock puppets.  Make sure you provide them with all things needed to be really creative: all kinds of buttons, felt, wiggly eyes, yarn, doll hair, rick-rack, sequins, lace, etc.  Use these for retelling stories and practicing the /s/ sound that S makes.


Names:  Use construction paper socks cut from an Ellison die-cut to help students practice spelling their name!  Cut each student's name from a single color paper and program each sock with a letter of their name.  Laminate.  Have the students sequence the sock letters to spell their name by hanging them on a mini clothesline.  For storing, each student can clip their name together with a clothespin and have a sock labeled with their name on front for ease in finding.  The name sock on front can also be used as a model for those who need additional help with spelling.  Their names can be stored in a mini basket.


Sssss:  Fill several socks with a small object that begins with the /s/ sound.  Allow students to stick their hand inside one of the socks without peeking and try to guess what the object inside the sock is ... reminding them that it begins with the /s/ sound.  This is a great way to practice the letter S and it's sound, especially if you use socks labeled with S!  (you may also want to give clues if they have trouble guessing the objects)


Color Match: Use an Ellison die-cut to cut out socks from construction paper.  Cut out one set of socks from white paper or another color.  Program these socks with a color word. Then cut out individual socks for each color word from that color construction paper.  Laminate.   Students will match the color word to that color sock. 



Socks, socks,

I love socks!

Yellow, red, green and blue,

Socks for me

And socks for you!

~ Cindy Montgomery ~


Class Names:  Use sock cut outs and program one cut out each with a picture and one with student's name.  Laminate.  Have students match pictures to names.


Letter S:  Use OLD socks and allow students to use them to practice creating the letter S on cardstock.  Once they get the hang of it, allow them to glue their letter down and hang their creations on a clothesline.


Letter Sequencing:  Program plain white socks using T-shirt transfers with letters.  Have students sequence letters or complete the missing letters activities by hanging them on a mini clothesline in the proper order.  (of course you can use paper sock cut outs and numbers as well)


Clothesline Match:  Use the same set up from above with the white socks and transfers and program with rhyming words, opposites, beginning sounds/pictures, numbers/ words, etc.  Thanks to my friend, Carol at The Learning Tree, for this idea, which I adapted for this unit. :)


S song:  Sing this song to practice writing the letter S and saying it's sound.


S Song

(Tune: The Mulberry Bush)


This is the way we put on our socks,  (pretend to put on socks)

put on our socks, put on our socks, (pretend to put on socks)

This is the way we put on our socks,  (pretend to put on socks)

So late in the afternoon.


This is the way we make the S sound,

/s/, /s/, /s/, /s/, /s/, /s/, /s/, /s/

This is the way we make the S sound,

So late in the afternoon.


This is the way we write the letter S,

write the letter S, write the letter S.

This is the way we write the letter S,

So late in the afternoon.

(either air write the letter S or use individual whiteboards)

~ Cindy Montgomery ~

Windsocks: Increase vocabulary by making and discussing windsocks.  Match the windsock to whatever season or holiday is near.  For beginning of school, staple a sheet of blue construction paper into a ring.  Glue or staple on appropriate "back to school" die-cuts such as an apple, a book, shapes, letters, numbers, etc.  (or you can have children draw them)  Then glue long lengths of red, yellow, blue and green crepe paper streamers to the bottom.  When dry, hole punch 3 holes around the top of the windsock and thread with 3 short pieces of yarn and knot together at the top.  Voila, a windsock!


Fox in Socks!: Use this book by Dr. Seuss as a springboard for a word sort of "ox" and "ock" words. 


Patterns: Give each student a sock blackline and have them create an AB or ABC pattern with stripes using crayons or markers.



Patterning: Use real socks to practice patterning.  I'm going to have my students hang the socks on a mini clothesline made from two 5 lb cans and two broom handles.  This makes a nice portable clothesline that can be moved from place to place.  We also have a sock Ellison die-cut that I'm going to use for patterning. 


Counting:  Cut out socks from construction paper using an Ellison die-cut.  Program half the socks with numbers and the other half with objects to match the numbers ... such as stars, hearts, dots, stripes, etc.  Laminate.  Students count the "objects" on the socks and match to the sock with the correct number. 


Pairs:  Bring in a mini basket full of unmatched socks and have students pair them up!  This goes perfectly with Stewart J. Murphy's book A Pair of Socks!  For more advanced students you can even extend the activity by introducing counting by twos and even/odd numbers.


Estimation: Choose a sock and have the class estimate how many Unifix cubes they think will fit into the sock.  Have them either record their answers on slips of paper with their name and place into a specified sock or record their answers on a chart for analysis later.  Then see how many cubes will fit into the sock, but stop half way to see if anyone thinks they need to revise their estimates! :)  (also, stop along the way to talk about the estimates that were recorded on the chart to check whether or not the numbers could be accurate ... ex.  4 cubes {after you've put in 4 cubes} )  Give a new pair of socks to anyone who estimated the exact amount!


Sequencing: Use different sizes of socks to practice seriation .. smallest to largest, largest to smallest.


Number Game: Print this page for each student and follow the directions on the page.


Number Game


Same/Different: Put out socks in groups of 3 or more.  Have only one sock different in each group.  Students will identify which socks are the same or which socks are different.



Plant a Sock!: Take a walk in your socks (over your shoes) and then plant your sock.  See if anything grows from seeds that attached themselves to your socks! :)


Turkey Tail: Use socks as feathers for your bulletin board turkey!  Have each student bring in one clean sock to help dress the turkey! :)



Stockings: At Christmas time you can tie in stockings to this unit.


Culminating Activity:  Have a sock hop!





Make a Math Book for A Pair of Socks

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Tie-dyed Socks


Socks and Shoes





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