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~ Sneak A Peek! ~

July 2007


I went on a decluttering binge!  Here's a peek at my greatest discovery!!


Here's a peek into what I'm doing to declutter, organize and clean up my classroom for the 2007-2008 school year!  This is one of my shelves that my husband repainted white for me.  I chose white (finally!) as the paint color because I already have a white set of baskets on wheels and I want to add 2 sets of 2 drawers on wheels in white, too.  The low drawer sets will give me even more low shelving to use and more storage space. 


The tubs in the picture were repainted as well.  Those tubs are 9 years old!  They were originally cream, burgundy, and dark country blue ... the available colors back then for dishpans.  And since I couldn't find any that I liked as well, and they've come out with this new AWESOME Krylon Fusion paint for plastic, my husband just repainted the tubs for me.  The paint isn't cheap, it's about $4 a can, but it paints 3 tubs and I LOVE the way they turned out! The colors are Sunshine Yellow, Pepper Red, and Patriotic Blue.


 ~ 2007 - 2008 ~


Today was the first day of school and for the first time EVER I had my room about 95% ready!  Man, did that feel awesome!  I felt like that at the end of the day I could go home and not have to spend the night trying to get everything done (after spending all day in meetings).  So here are some photos of what I've done this summer to clean and organize my classroom.  I'm not done yet!  There's still work to be done, but it is ready for class now if need be. (no pressure)  I'll fill you in on what I still want to do.  ;)

This is my desk.  Take a long look ... it might not look like this for long!!!!! :)  I'm still looking for a place to stash the crate you see hidden underneath it! ;)  The filing cabinets behind it still need some organization.





The kitchen area is another messy area that still needs organization.  At the end of last year I had two piles to stuff to deal with, but I got it down to the one pile on the counter top.  :) 




This is the Reading Work Station.  The desk on the left holds the tubs of leveled AR books, a file of jokes, and bookmarks.  The display case holds picture books and magazines, while the spinning display rack holds emergent readers.  Next to that rack are the class supplies.  The built-in bookcase behind holds my thematic binders and resource books and the TV/VCR is on the rolling cart to the left that my husband made for me.  It has underneath storage for the VCR tapes.  Above you see some of my 60 something unit boxes! :) 




This is the Games/Puzzles Work Station.  It's mostly puzzles and blocks.  To the right you see my sand table my husband built for me.  That trash can is one of his next painting projects! ;)  Along with painting all the baskets and class supply tubs so they match the tubs he's already painted for me. :)


Some of my math stuff



More math stuff


This shelf hold literacy stuff as well as 2 thematic tubs (I'm out of room!!!!).  You can also see part of the old Word Wall left up on the bulletin board.  It still has to come down.



This is what's left of my calendar area.  Very much scaled down from what it was 3 years ago!  I'll add more as it's needed.  Because I don't have a resource CLASS any more, I didn't need the Morning Meeting area any more.  This calendar area is all that I needed last year to teach Saxon Math.  I'll use the K students' names in the red pocketchart for Name Cheers (I have them whited out for confidentiality).



I just added these two rolling drawer units today.  I think I'm going to LOVE them.  My mini offices fit perfectly into the top drawer!



Listening Work Station still needs some work, too.  A cassette recorder would be nice! :)




This is my reading table.  It's been with me the whole 23 years! :)  The mobile computer behind the table is just stored in my room.  It's really part of an Early Intervention Lab that I oversee and is used for teachers to check out and create resource materials to use with at-risk students.  The cubbies behind the table look junky but they're really not.  Each cubby contains activities to teach a particular skill ... the left side is math and the right side is language arts.  I'm going to look into purchasing red and white polka dot fabric to velcro over the cubbies to give them a more finished look so they won't look so cluttered.  The fabric will match the trim on my whiteboard. 




This is my personal area.  It probably gives me the most pleasure of all the areas in the classroom (but there are some really close seconds!).  A lot of the items were given to me by students and I enjoy seeing them and remembering them.  :)



Computers Work Station.  1 newish computer, 2 oldish computers, and 1 dinosaur! :)  Yep, the dinosaur from the 80s still works and I still like to use it with the kids.  They can't mess it up! 



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