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Print and Learn for Kids


Teaching Treasures index list of free worksheets


Teacher Worksheets


Free Worksheets



Preschool Printables


Kids Domain - BINGO Games for holidays and every day!


Crayola - Care and Share Cards


The Worksheet Generator


Free Worksheets for Teachers


Personal Educational Press

This is a WONDERFUL site.  I use it weekly to create individualized assignments for my students.  You're able to make flashcards, word lists, bingo cards, study sheets, quizzes, activity sheets, word scrambles, word searches, etc.


Free Holidays and Seasons Worksheets and Producibles



Printables & Worksheets


First School Years - Free Worksheets and Teaching Resources


Flashcards - The Flashcard Exchange Home


Lesson plans and worksheets from


Bry-Back Manor

(don't forget to check The Attic!)


abcBabysit - 9,000 + Free Worksheets



Young Minds Homeschool Forms and Scheduling - Free Stuff


Bingo Card Generator






Hubbard's Cupboard - Environmental Print


Certificate Creator




DLTK's Custom Printable Awards


Billy Bear's Free Printable Personalized Award Certificates


Special Educational Needs Resources - Copyable Resources


Teaching Tables - Making learning times tables fun!


Free Sight Words Helpers


Printable Keyboard


DiscoverySchool's Puzzlemaker

Another site that I visit weekly.


do2learn - picture cards


Preschool Printables: Felt Board Story


Preschool Printables: Calendar


Preschool Coloring Book: Shape Coloring Pages


Papers and Borders for Writing and Poems - handwriting



Preschool Writing Practice


Teletubbies! - Print and Play


Nick, Jr. Printables


A+ Math Flashcard Creator


Writing Letters and Numbers (Traditional Style)


Writing Letters and Numbers


Melanie, A Paper Doll


Paper Dolls


Original Paper Dolls by *Cricket*


Funtastic Freebies and Fun Stuff!

(registration required)


Teacher Time Savers


Kid's Page Archive - free printable worksheets for preschool - fifth grade


Baby Bumblebee


Compact for Reading (K-2)


Waterford's Games, Activities, & Quizzes


Handwriting Worksheets


Word Formation


Free Worksheets


Alphabet Printable Materials


Kinder Printables


Printable Bingo Cards


Teacher Literacy Centers


Kinder Friends Learning




Emergent Readers


Word Board Games


The Lyons Den










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