Christmas 2007


Now, this is what it looked like AFTER we opened the gifts! :)  Wow, what a mess!  But a good time was had by all ... except maybe for Dakota .. she was sleepy.  That's why we ended up putting her in her high chair.


Opening gifts ....

Dakota in her Christmas dress, with her Dad, digging into her stocking.  Her stocking is the same one that I made for Brittney when she was a little girl.


Dakota  LOVES this learning table that she got from Santa!


I think Dakota's mom loved this Millie Moo book more than Dakota did! :)  (something about graphics and fonts and such)


And this is Chris' big Christmas gift ... a Sony Bravia 40" LCD/HD flat screen TV.

Instead of wrapping it to go under the tree (it was TOO big and he'd know what it was), I wrote a note on a Christmas card to go look in the guestroom closet, and then I wrapped the card up in a box.  I play Santa on Christmas morning most of the time, so that was the last gift that I "delivered." 

He was so excited!  Now I have to figure out another way to decorate this side of the fireplace. 


My big gift was a 1 carat Journey necklace.  Chris had just given me a Journey necklace for my anniversary gift in Feb., but he thought I needed an "upgrade."  :)  Gotta love that!!!! :)


Something a little bit different from last year ... a sleigh that holds Christmas cards received.  The only thing wrong with this is that I never got around to putting my Christmas potpourri in my holder.


Last, is the buffet.  It gets decorated for Christmas and holds Christmas goodies to boot!

Kissey cookies, peanut clusters, divinity, graham cracker toffee, Martha Washingtons, cheese ball, popcorn crunch (tin), & pecan pie.

The rest of the decorations were pretty much the same as 2006, so I didn't bother taking photos of them again.



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