Christmas 2007


Pictures of the inside of the house ...


I changed some things with the tree this year.  I noticed in the photos last year that there was a big gap that I didn't like between the tree and the star.  So this year, I filled in the gap with a big gold bow.  I like the results much better.

Also, this year we had to add Dakota's gifts under the tree, so that meant a different kind of wrapping paper.  So her gifts are all wrapped in red, Brittney and Nathan's in white, and everyone else's in gold.  And all packages have either gold or red bows on them. 


Another difference this year is on the mantle.  I added new garland that I made to match my gold star theme (I was also going to add in some red, but I forgot) and I bought new matching gold and red stockings.  The stockings are just for decoration.  Everyone gets their own stockings filled.  These just look better hanging on the mantle. 



These are just some of our presents.  By Christmas morning the floor was full of gifts!


Ok, here it is ... Christmas morning!!!!! 

The unwrapped gift is Dakota's gift from Santa. (learning table)

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