Christmas 2007


I'm so excited about Christmas this year!  Hmmm ... could it have something to do with Dakota?  :)  I don't know.  But I do know that for once (or at least for the first time in a long time) I bought presents early (Dakota's mostly ... had a closet full!) and by Dec. 1st I had my tree up and presents wrapped underneath!  Simply amazing! 


This is the decorations on the front of my house this year.  I added to what I had last year (remember, I got sick and all decorating stopped).  The sled, tree, wreath, garland, and boughs in each window are the same as last year.  Missing are the two little Norfolk pines on each side of the door that I loved so much.  Maybe I can still find two for this year.  Anyway, this year we added the wagon. 

I wanted a wagon last year to go on the right side of the porch (where the chairs are now, because we didn't have them last year) to fill up that space.  I couldn't find just what I wanted (an old looking wagon) so I had my husband make this one for me.  He kept telling me that I'd designed it too big, but I wanted it big enough for the presents and I knew it would fit on the porch. 


Welllll .... it really is too big for the porch and I didn't take into consideration HOW we were going to get it on the porch over my prized flower bed that we worked on so hard this past summer.  Sooooo ... I decided that it would look just fine over here and it would look like the wagon was bringing the presents to go under the tree. :)   It actually has a little seat in it and I put 3 poinsettias in the floor in front of the seat and a bow on the handle.  The whole thing is made out of metal, so I had to paint it to look like wood.  I'm no artist and I painted it in my garage at night ... but it will do.  I think it turned out very cute!  After Christmas it will go in my backyard and I'm going to put potted plants in it.  Thank goodness I don't have to store it! :)

*My neighbors probably think I'm some crazy woman .... what will she come up with next?  But I like to have things that are a little different.*




Each of the 6 windows across the front of the house has a bough and is uplighted with a spotlight.


This is the front at night.

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