Fall Decorating '07

We like to decorate a little in the fall, but last year because we moved in the fall we were unable to do so.  So this year, we got back to it since fall is probably my favorite time of the year.  Here's some picture of the decorations on our front porch.  I've still got to do my fall front door wreath.


I bought this puppy dog just for Dakota.  And she picked out the jack o' lantern.  :)

I have no idea what the "orb" is. ???


   The mums haven't bloomed out yet.  They should be yellow and purple.




I finally got my door wreath done!  I revamped an old wreath that I'd made years ago.



I also added some leftover leaves from the wreath scattered around. 

You can see that the mums are starting to bloom now if I can keep enough water in them. 

Now I'm done!


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updated 10.13.07