Summer Project '07

This is one of the big projects that we've been working on this summer.  We put gutters on the house, redid the front flower beds, added the wreath to the front door, and the belly pots and furniture to the porch.  We still lack a small table to go between the two chairs.  I never dreamed this would turn out to be such a HUGE project!  You can't really tell because the plants haven't matured yet, but I spent 3 hours with the lady at the nursery designing and picking out the plants.  And that's 7 truck loads of river rock!!!!  I couldn't find exactly the kind of border I wanted, so this is the closest I could find to what I wanted.  The planter in the corner isn't exactly what I had envisioned either, so we had to make some adaptations to it, but I like how it turned out.  AND, I couldn't find brown chairs like these ANYWHERE, so I ordered these online ... when they got there, they weren't brown at all, but black with flecks of brown.  Oh well, I give up ... they match the black on the belly pots and the hint of black in my wreath.  When the plants are mature (and in my design) there will be a solid red border of verbena to match the red in the wreath, except for the breaks of green where the potato vines are.






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