This is Dakota's page.  Dakota is our first grandchild.  We've waited a long time for her although Brittney isn't that old at all.  I just knew I was going to have a granddaughter one day, so I've just been waiting for her to arrive.  I tell her that I "special ordered" her! :)  And boy do I have big plans for her ... they started even before she got here!  (Remember the teacup collection in my living room ... well that's what we're going to use for our tea parties.  She'll get to choose which one she wants to use when we have our tea parties.  I've been collecting them for years, just waiting on her!)  Anyway, I'm Dakota's CiCi (grandmother) and I intend on enjoying every minute of it! :) 


I'm Here! CiCi's special order! :)





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updated 5.31.08