Christmas 2006

This is my dining table minus the leaf we'll have to add.  Each plate that you see is a collector's edition plate and has a different picture and year on it.   They match my Christmas dishes.  The little tree carries on my gold star theme.  



Well, here is the tree with some of our gifts.  About 2 weeks before Christmas I got really sick and all decorating came to a screeching halt.  From then on I was in survival mode.   Luckily, my husband and I had already decided that the house was to be our gift to each other this year.  So that's the reason you don't see more gifts under the tree, plus we'd already had one Christmas with my family.



I did the gifts in gold and white to go with my star theme and to match the gold in the great room.  When Brittney was a child, she always wanted to count how many presents she had, so to keep her from rearranging the gifts under the tree I started wrapping all her gifts in a certain kind of wrapping paper.  I still do that. :)  Hers and Nathan's gifts are the ones in white so no name tags are needed on those gifts and everyone else's gifts are wrapped in gold.  She thinks it's funny that they get to unwrap each other's gifts .. he might get to unwrap her PJs and she might get to unwrap his tools ... then they just swap. :)  Now when Miss Dakota comes on the scene I'm not sure what I'm going to do. 



Beside the tree we also have our animated Mr. & Mrs. Claus that we've had for years!  They're just part of the family now. :)



Brittney and Nathan on Christmas Day



Bailey having her first ever candy cane! :)  She got it in her stocking.  Santa figured even she deserved a sweet treat at Christmas.  How do you like her pearls that she got for Christmas?  Cute, huh?!? :)



My newest additions to my Christmas dishes.  My mom bought me one of the plates for my birthday.  I'd gotten behind on the years. :)  The cheese dome is actually on a gold footed platform. 


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