Christmas 2006

We're working on the outdoor decorations for the house.  Here the tree still has no tree skirt or packages. :)  Most people in the neighborhood did the wreaths on the windows (which I LOVE), so I wanted to do something different ... so I came up with the boughs in the window ledges and the tree on the porch.  You wouldn't believe it, but it took me one whole Saturday just to decorate this part of the house!  It probably wouldn't have taken me "into the night" if I hadn't had to make the garland for the doorway though ... but they just didn't have what I wanted. :)



One week later and I FINALLY have my tree up and decorated!  Last year my star practically touched my ceiling ... this year we still have PLENTY of room to spare.  Our tree is an old fashioned tree, where I can remember a story about or who gave me each ornament ... or at least why/when I purchased it! :)  There are two ornaments near the top with bite marks on them from Brittney's second Christmas. :)  I made the red bows 25 years ago with red ribbon and bread ties because we didn't have enough money back then to buy enough ornaments for the tree .. so I made the bows to fill in the empty spaces (on a much smaller tree).  I've continued putting the bows on our tree every year to remind me where we started.




I looked and looked for stocking holders and finally decided on these and now I'm glad I did.  They match the frame of the print perfectly and I'm going to start a gold star theme.   The bough is the same as the ones on the outside window ledges. 





The stockings are hung by the chimney with care .. oops ... forget, no chimney, just a fireplace. :)  The star is a placeholder for my mother's stocking.  She'll bring it when she comes next weekend.

The USM stocking is my husband's, the next one is mine (bought for me by my mom), the next one is Brittney and Nathan's, and the last one of course is Bailey's! :)  Of course I've thought about buying the really nice gold or burgandy stockings that all match to hang up there, but I just hate to get rid of my husband and Bailey's cute stockings that have personality.



This is my Dickens village that I have on the cabinet on the right side of the fireplace.  It's still small.  I just started it 3 years ago.  When Brittney was a child we started her a village and bought her one piece each year.  She and I would pick out a piece for her village each year together as a tradition.  She's got quite a big village now.  I've only been working on mine for 3 years and haven't added a piece for this year. 



One end of the entry way desk.


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