Spring Break Trip

This is Longwood, an unfinished home that we toured in March in Natchez, MS.  We drove the Natchez Trace from Natchez to Columbus, MS staying at different places along the way.  Anyway, this home dates back to pre-Civil War days.  Actually the Civil War is why it isn't finished.  The inside was never completed because the Northerners who were doing the work all went back home when the Civil War started.  The man that owned the home went bankrupt because of the war and eventually died and left the house to his wife and children.  They lived in the house in just the rooms on the main floor that were finished.  To this day, the house has never been completed although I think it was lived in until the 1960s.



  This is just one of the big oak trees at Longwood.



Mississippi River sunset at Natchez



The original sunken Natchez Trace that was traveled so many years ago on foot or horseback by travelers.


This is literally where Elvis Presley was born and his twin died.  It's in Tupelo, MS  and you can tour it and a museum and chapel that has been built behind it.  The house has two rooms.  The front room looks like a bedroom and the back room is a kitchen.




I think it was in Tupelo, MS that we went to a car museum and you had to vote on your favorite car.  This was my vote.  The 1929 Packard. :)




Of course, this is the one that my husband voted for ... the Mach I Mustang.  He'll just about pick anything Mustang every time ... and splash some yellow paint on it and you have a winner!!!!!  

(he use to own a yellow Mustang!)






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