Spring Project 2010


I've wanted to create "treescapes" in our yard almost as long as we've lived in this house.

We've been here almost 3.5 years now and there hasn't been one tree on the property.

I finally decided enough was enough (too much thinking) and it was time to take some action.

So I made some decisions and this is what we now have ... our treescapes.  We now have 5

trees and hopefully some color for every season.


Treescape #1

Contains 3 trees: 2 crepe myrtles (one light pink & one dramatic pink) & a Swamp Red Maple

Dwarf Buford Holly, 2 Tricolor Gingers that don't look so hot, some leriope and other plants

If the trees were mature, the ginger would be OK, but it can't take all that broiling heat.

You can already see some colors in the maple.  I REALLY wanted a Cottoncandy pink

crepe myrtle like we planted at our old house, but I couldn't find that anywhere!

This pink isn't the color that I wanted and now I wish I'd gone with deep purple.  Ahhh ...

this is why I hate to make decisions!


Treescape #2

Contains 2 trees: 1 crepe myrtle (light pink) & a Summer Red Maple

Dwarf Buford Holly, Tricolor Ginger, leriope and other plants


Here you can see both of them in the yard that gives you some idea of "the whole picture"


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