Fall Break '08

The second leg of our Fall Break trip was to Boone, NC with a day trip to Winston-Salem.  It was soooooo beautiful up there that if I didn't have children, that's where I would want to live when I retired!  OMG, I thought you'd have to go to New England to see fall colors like that!  It was GORGEOUS!!!!!  I didn't want to come home!!!



 A waterfall that my husband wanted to stop and see on the way. 

Tallulah Falls, GA



Some of the first fall colors that we saw were at Tullalah Fall


This scene was like a photo ... just beautiful!


You can see that the trees are starting to turn.



This tree was the single most beautiful tree that we saw on the whole trip! 

And it's right smack in the middle of downtown Boone!



This is the Moses Cone property.  If I remember correctly,  many years ago he purchased 200 acres and made 25 miles of trails to be used for carriage rides.  I forget what business he was in.  This was his home which is now an arts and crafts gift shop.



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