Fall Break '08

Our first overnight stop on our Fall Break trip was in Helen, GA.  Helen is built to resemble a German town and is very cute as you'll see from the photos.  Other than that, we don't really know a lot about the town as it was pretty much closed up tight while we were there.  It was just beginning to open back up as we were leaving the next morning at 10:00.  So if you're stopping by, plan to spend the day, because they close early and open late.

One of the things that was in full swing that night was the carriage rides.  This is the one that we took a ride around town in. 





Another thing going on that night was October Fest.  My husband wanted to check that out.  ;)  It was definitely an experience to hear the music and you can't see them in this photo, but there's two people playing a song on those long horns like in the Ricolo commercials.  Now you're not going to see that every day!



This is a working windmill


The city's park


I think this is part of what they call The Square.



The Square


In this photo you can really see the German decorations on the buildings.






To Boone, NC



Graphics by C. Montgomery

Clipart by pccrafter.com


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