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For the life of me I can't seem to make a card that isn't froo-froo!

This is my Dad's Father's Day card.  He won't mind though because I'm hand-delivering

it.  As long as I'm with it, he won't care what it is! :D  Gotta love that! 

(It's a pretty card though!)  I cut the #1 Dad with my Cricut using a new cartridge I

got on clearance at Walmart.





Some thank you cards that I made to give for Teacher Appreciation Week.

Our school/community does a great job of appreciating the teachers during this week.

Hopefully this summer I can make more to have on hand so I don't feel so

pressured to have to make them during this busy time of year.






Threw these 2 purse cards together for Mother's Day gifts.  They hung perfectly

on the plant leaves and were so simple to make.  The purse idea was shared on

my friend Carol's blog and I fell in love with them!  I intend on making more.






Wow, it's been over 2 months since I've posted anything.  Not really surprising though.

March and April are IEP months and then factor in real life and it's busy, busy, busy!

Today I made this card for a parent who donated to our class.  It was inspired by

a card by Betsy Veldman.  I love her work.  When I was working on the card I was

thinking, "Oh no, this isn't going to be good!"  But I think it turned out OK.

Not perfect like I like, but OK.  :)  It did turn out really big though!




Last week I also made this bow for Dakota to go with her dress.  She picked out her

dress and she picked the cutest one they had.








Finished up everything yesterday for Dakota in plenty of time. 

Forgot to add my sparkly stuff to the cupcakes ... ahhh, age! :)

Dakota looked so cute with her little apron on (forgot to take pics)

and had such a good time dumping, stirring and LICKING!

She also learned about patterning making the candy bags.  She caught on

quicker than her PopPop! :D




This has been a very crafty week for me!  Here are some of the things I created for

Dakota.  Just found out yesterday that she IS having a Valentine's party at her school

on Monday.  I'd bought the stuff to make her bags, but had heard that there was

no party.  So had to have these done by today for her to take home with her.

We've still got to make cupcakes.  They are all for her.


This is her bag and card.


Just the card.  You can see a little bit of the shine.


The candy bags for her class.  Filling 20 bags doing different patterns took a while.

Now I have to do the ones for my class.




I hate to say this, but here's a Valentine card that I just threw together.

I fell in love with the gift bag tonight and came home to create the card ...

except that my eyes are so tired I just threw it together.  Definitely not my best work!

But I love how the card turned out in a lot of ways and hope to create more

polished ones. 


What you can't see on the card/bag is all the shiny, shiny.

The hearts on the lower portion of the bag are done with white glitter.

The heart edging and tiny white hearts on the card are cut from glitter paper.


This is for my daughter/son-in-law.  Dakota got a slightly different and smaller version.

Maybe I'll get hers posted this weekend.  Dakota and I are going to make Valentine

cupcakes on Sat.  She'll love it!





It's been 3 months since I've posted anything!  I'll blame that on the holidays and my

new Kindle.  Got the Kindle for Christmas and I absolutely love it!

I did create these 2 cards and 1 other back in Jan.  I keep saying I'm going to make

some Valentine's cards since I have new paper I want to use, but so far I haven't.

Wonder if this weekend will be the time I do?  :)


I created the "Happy Everything" card because I'm so terrible about getting things in the

mail ... so sometimes I group special days together.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

Happy Everything!




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