Open House

 This is the guest room.  My dad cut the tree on his farm, planed the wood and built the cabinet that my demitasse' cups are in.   The candles are from my daughter's Wedding Celebration.


  The bed belonged to my grandmother and I got the other furniture for my 13th birthday. 






This is my computer room.  I designed this computer desk to hold all my stuff, and my husband built it for me. 


This is the rest of the computer room including my copy machine.  Now you see why I have to have a whole room for my school stuff! :)  The daybed was Brittney's, but she didn't have room for it at her house so I turned it into a "sofa."  It's great as an extra bed or for naps! :)  Plus it also gives this room a pop of color.


 Guest Bathroom - Have you tried to find just decorative soaps lately?  Impossible!  I had to use some stuff that I already had.


  The rest of the Guest Bathroom.  You know what's behind Door #2! :)








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Nov. 19, 2006