Open House


This is our new house.  We started moving in at the very end of Sept. and the Open House was Nov. 18th.  I decided at the last minute to do the Open House and what a rush to get everything finished!  (well, everything didn't get done :) )  My sister and I shopped for 3 straight days to finish the decorating and then my husband and I had to finish everything up with some marathon hours of hanging and cleaning!  On the day of the Open House my sister and my dad's wife came early to take over the food prep and presentation.  So it was definitely a team effort and I couldn't have pulled it off without their help, or the help of my daughter who did a fantastic job designing and printing one-of-a-kind invitations (she's a graphic design major) and also did the photo shop printing for my new picture frames.  (Haven't got a new picture yet of the house, the sun was too bright)




My teacup collection is part of what you see when you walk in.  The weird pattern you see on the wall is from the mirrors around the clock on the opposite wall. :)



 My fichus tree that helps to draw you into the great room .. and hide those ugly plug ins! :)  (oops!  didn't spot this tag on the extension cord until I saw it in the picture :) )



This is the great room.  You enter the front door from the left.  The doorway that you see goes through to a small hallway where there's a laundry room to the left, the garage is straight ahead and the master bedroom is to the right.   The "orb" on the wall is somehow a reflection from the round mirror.  The red flower on the desk was a housewarming gift from my sister.  It got rave reviews! :)



 Great Room - we don't have our gas logs yet, but we'll be sure to have them before Christmas! :)






When my sister and I were talking about decorating, I told her that I didn't want "sticks" in my great room.  But when I saw these, I liked them, especially since they're black.  Now they're one of my favorite pieces of "art!" :)







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Nov. 19, 2006