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Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown,

And Jill came tumbling after.




Nursery Rhymes Pockets - I started something new with the nursery rhymes this time .. Nursery Rhymes Pockets!  Each rhyme gets its own pocket and all the stuff that we make for each rhyme goes into that pocket.  So far the Jack and Jill rhyme has stick puppets for retelling the story, a Jack and Jill book, Jack and Jill's ABCs book, an activity where they chose all the pictures that began with a "j" and glued it into a picture of a pail, and a poster with the Jack and Jill rhyme that they colored.  It's a really neat way to keep up with their stuff and send it all home at once.  The pocket is simply a large piece of construction paper (9x12) folded in half with 1/4 of one of the panels cut away.  Then I stapled across the bottom and up the side quarter to form a pocket.  Then they colored a picture of Jack and Jill that came from a resource book where some of these ideas came from.  The picture was glued to the front.  I'll take a picture and add it to the page so you visual people such as myself can see what I'm talking about. :)  There's a whole book called Literature Pockets: Nursery Rhymes that you can use for ideas.  My idea for the pocket is different, but it will get you started on your ideas!


Jack and Jill Banner - I created this "banner" to put in my pocketchart (I'll create one for each nursery rhyme) so that we can focus on the beginning sound of each word.  (I have a student who's having difficulty with this at the moment and another student who's still learning his sounds.  So I thought this might help the one student to help transfer his letter/sound knowledge to real life applications and the other to learn the sounds in context.)   So I have the TA review the banners each day with the students and focus on the beginning sounds for a moment and then move on.




Jack and Jill's ABCs emergent reader - I created this VERY, VERY SIMPLE ABC book to coordinate with the Jack and Jill rhyme.  I have a student who just has not learned the letters although we've worked on them in context, used flashcards, and he's been immersed in LOTW in his regular class.  So I thought I'd try this method.  I also created a colored version for myself that I'm going to have laminated and bound.  The TA will use it to point to the letters and he'll tell her the letters.  Then he'll have his own book copy to color, read and use with his friends.  This book is created to be used similar to the way you'd use an ABC chart or ABC song.  Instead of reciting the ABCs and pointing to the chart or singing the song, the student would use the book instead.   The book is created in a half page, portrait format.   The same graphic is used throughout the book.   The students can use crayons on one page, markers on one page, water colors, colored pencils, etc. or don't color it at all.  The coloring isn't the main objective here.  Learning the letters is the main objective.  You make half the number of book copies that you need and staple them together on the left, then simply use a paper cutter to cut across the middle of the books horizontally.  You instantly have enough copies of the books for your class that are stapled and read to go!  




Writing - "Draw a picture about Jack and Jill and write a sentence or story to go with the picture."  This was the assignment that was given to my Ks last week.  One of them does not have the letter/sound knowledge to be able to complete the assignment, so I had the TA let him dictate his story to her.  This was his story:



I want her to get him to color his picture.  Too cute!!!! :)


ABC Matching Cards - students match the capital to lowercase letters. 



Act It Out - If you have a really big grassy hill like we do, let your students take turns going up in the hill in twos with a plastic pail and tumbling back down.  Send up a boy and a girl if you can and have the rest of the class yell the rhyme as they go up, when they get to the part about "Jack fell down," then the boy will need to fall and tumble down the hill and then as they continue the yelling the rhyme, Jill will then come tumbling down as well.  Of course, you'll need to apply some bandages or bandaids for their fake injuries!  They'll love it!!


Stick Puppets - make stick puppets with Jack, Jill, the well and hill for them to use in retelling the rhyme.


Pocketchart Rhyme - put the rhyme in your pocketchart for great practice in tracking and matching of text.  (go to the Easter page for more details)


Sequencing - put pictures in order to show 1) Jack and Jill going up the hill 2) Jack falling down 3) Jill falling down


More Writing - Linda shared a writing assignment that she did with her students that turned out too cute.  She had them dictate why Jack fell down the hill and she got the cutest answers!  "Jill tripped him."  "The pail was too heavy."  "He had banana feet." (The last one means his shoes were on the wrong feet! LOL!! :) )  Thanks Linda for sharing your fun with us! :)



Counting Sets - create matching cards for students to count and match.  Sets of number cards with the number on a pail and the appropriate number of water drops on a card to match.  You can purchase droplet stickers to use.  OR, you can use miniature pails labeled with numbers using name tags or file folder stickers or whatever you have (raindrop stickers would be cute) and then have them count out the correct number of water drops (clear marbles or rocks).



Literature Pockets: Nursery Rhymes Gr K-1 (EMC2700)

Nursery Rhyme Sequencing Gr K-1 (FS8602) *this one is probably out of print*

Mother Goose Peek-A-Books Gr PreK-2 (Scholastic)

Literacy Centers & Activities for Nursery Rhymes Vol. 2 PreK-1 (TCM3397)



Jack and Jill


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