Jack be nimble,
Jack be quick.
Jack jump over
the candlestick.

Resource: Teacher's Helper Feb/Mar 2000

Pocketchart Activties: After introducing the nursery rhyme and going over it several times, read it in a pocketchart.  Be sure to use a pointer and track as you go. 

Have a second set of words so that students can match the words to the text. 

After the students are very familiar with the rhyme, print each student’s name on a (3) 3x5 index cards and insert their name over Jack’s in the rhyme. 

Cindy be nimble.
Cindy be quick.
Cindy jump over the candlestick.

Reread the rhyme with each student’s name.

Art Project: Collect enough empty toilet tissue rolls so that each student will have one.  You’ll also need a white paper plate and a coffee filter for each student, along with white paint, yellow, red, and orange washable markers, and a water source.  Have the students paint the outside of the toilet paper roll white.  Write each student’s name on the bottom of the paper plate and hot glue the toilet paper roll to the middle of the paper plate to where it’s standing up vertically.  This is your candle and it’s holder.  Have your students use the washable markers to add color to the coffee filters.  Warn them that if they color too much in one spot it will create a hole in the filter.  They don’t have to color in the whole filter; just add enough color so that when it’s sprayed with water the colors will bleed together.  When they’re finished coloring the filter, either spray the filter with water or sprinkle water on them with your hand.  This will make a mess as the marker will bleed through to whatever it’s laying on.  Putting them on brown paper grocery bags or newspaper would be a good idea.  Keep adding water to the filters until the colors all bleed together. Let dry. 

Once the filters are dry, pick them up and pinpoint the center of the filter.  Stuff the center down into the top of the “candle”.  The filter is your “flame”.  The students take turns jumping over their candlestick while the rest of the class recites the rhyme.  After everyone’s had their turn, they can do it again while the class inserts the jumper’s name into the rhyme in place of Jack’s.

Gross Motor Activity: You’ll need a candlestick and graduating sizes of candles for this activity.  Set up the candlestick and the shortest candle.  Have your students each take a turn jumping over the candlestick while reciting this rhyme:

Jack be nimble.
Jack be quick.
Jack jump over the candlestick.
Jump it lively.
Jump it quick,
But don’t knock over the candlestick.
~ Author Unknown

Once everyone’s jumped the shortest candle, graduate to the next larger size and repeat the procedure.

Fruit Candle Snack:

1 pineapple ring
½ banana
1 cherry
1 toothpick
1 small paper plate

Place the pineapple ring on a small paper plate.  Set the half of a banana in the hole of the pineapple vertically to create the “candle”.  Insert a toothpick in the cherry and push the other end through the top of the banana to create the “flame”.

Jack Be Nimble: This is a picture of a knock-off TLC Jack Be Nimble.  When we did this project I had not gotten my TLC book yet.  My TA cut out all the pieces for the students and we did a following directions activity by having them put the pieces together to form Jack.  This picture is the one she did for a model.  For my students, I always provide a finished piece for them to look at, and do another piece with them to show them how it’s done.  They turned out really cute.  Note:  This is not the way the creators of the TLC materials designed them to be used.



Graphing Activity: Using the Ellison machine, cut out candles from assorted colors of construction paper.  How many candles you cut out of each color depends on the numbers you’re working on.  If you’re working on the numbers 1 – 5, then each color should have no more than 5 candles.  You also need to vary the number of candles you cut out for each color.  Graph the candles.

Nonstandard Measurement: Provide each student with a construction paper page full of taper candles.  Have them cut them out and use them to measure specified objects in the classroom.  Provide them with a response sheet to write their answers on. 

You could also have them take turns seeing how "nimble" they are by seeing how far they could jump.  Make a starting line on the floor with masking tape, and have them jump and mark it with masking tape.  Have other students use their candles to see how far they jumped.  Graph the results.

Measurement: Using the jumping idea above, have the students use a tape measure to measure how many inches they jumped.  More advanced students could convert the inches to feet using the indicators on the tape measure.

Pocketchart Counting Activity: Laminate pieces of colored construction paper.  Use this paper to cut out candles using the Ellison machine.  If you're working on 1 - 10, you'll need 55 candles.  Place a number card (half a 3x5 index card laminated) in each row of the pocketchart.  Students count out the correct number of candles and add them to each row to match the number. 

An alternate activity using the same materials would be to place the candles in the pocketchart and have the count them and find the correct number to match.  They place the number in the correct row.

You could also make your number cards using a graphic of Jack instead of just a plain number card.

Counting activity: A similar activity to the one could be done without the use of the pocketchart.  (I'm just partial to pocketcharts because they're so versatile.)  You'll need a 10 cups, clean empty milk cartons, or some kind of containers.  Program each container with a number 1 - 10.  Students count out the appropriate number of candles to go into each container. 

Math Mats: Make math mats using a graphic of Jack minus the candlestick.  (The coloring sheet at www.niteowl.org/kids/nimble.html would make a perfect graphic.  You just have to cut off the candle.)
Program each mat with a number.  Color and laminate. The students will count out the correct number of birthday candles to match the number and place them under Jack (as if that's how many he must jump over).

Matching Activities: You can use the Ellison die-cuts to make a color matching activity.  Cut out two candles of each color.  The students will match the two color candles. 

You can make a color words matching activity as well.  Cut one of each color candle, then cut out another set of candles making them all the same color, such as white.  Write the color word on the "white" set, then the students match those to the correct color candle.

To make an activity matching capital and lowercase letters, cut out 52 candles of assorted colors.  Program 26 with capital letters and 26 with lowercase letters.  The students will match the capital letters to the lowercase letters.  To simplify this activity, you could make the matching letters on the same color candle.

For a sequencing activity, cut out 26 candles and program them with either lowercase or capital letters.  The students will sequence the ABCs in the correct order.

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