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4.20.2016  250 Calorie French Toast

Yes, I'm always on the hunt for GOOD, EASY, low calorie recipes.  Chris HATES the D word since I've spent my whole life searching for that elusive goal.  I give in often, but I've yet to totally give up. 

So with that in mind, here's the recipe (and I use that word lightly) for a good, easy, simple 250 calorie French toast.  Yes, it has carbs and white bread.  You can substitute whole grain or multi grain bread if you wish, but you'll have to cut your portion to one slice or increase the calorie count as it usually has a higher calorie count per slice. 

This is good (for 250 calories) and you really won't miss the butter and syrup.

250 Calorie French Toast @ Every Day is the Weekend!

 250 Calorie French Toast

5 fresh strawberries (10 calories)
Stevia sweetener
2 slices thin white bread (120 calories)
2 large eggs (120 calories)

Remove tops from strawberries and wash.  Do not dry.  Slice strawberries into small bowl then use knife and fork to cut into small pieces, retaining juice in bowl.  Sprinkle with Stevia and mix to desired sweetness.

Spray nonstick skillet with Pam and heat on medium until hot.

While pan is heating, you will need a shallow bowl or plate big enough for a slice of bread.   In this bowl add the eggs and beat with a fork.  Add salt, pepper and a dash of vanilla.  Mix.   Add one slice of bread and allow it to soak up a little of the mixture (not too much) then flip it.  Add the slice to the hot skillet and brown lightly on both sides making sure inside of toast is done ... no runny/gooey egg.  Repeat instructions with second slice of bread.  Plate toast and top with strawberry mixture. 

For very few calories you can also add a few fresh blueberries or substitute some blueberries for strawberries. 
1 calorie per blueberry
20 calories per 1/4 C

And if you want to add some protein, add a couple strips of turkey bacon ... but don't forget to add the calories. ;)

Update: A couple of days after I did this, I tried it again with strawberries and blueberries ... YUM!  My favorite!






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