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Have you been BOO'd?!?

Have you ever been BOO'd?  I started this a couple of times in my building when I was teaching.  Just another fun activity to get everyone excited about being at school. ;)

I decided today to start it this year in my neighborhood.  Shhh!  Don't tell anyone.

Print out the free PDF to start it in your neighborhood, building or office.

Someone will appreciate the thought!

Just create a Halloween happy with  You've Been BOO'd! and secretly leave it on their

front porch, door or desk with the appropriate paperwork.  Then they keep it going by  BOOing it forward to someone else.


This is a cute one from Pinterest. 



Finally got mine put together.  Made it for my neighbors across the street who have 3 of the sweetest girls .. hence the pink jack o'lantern.  I included lots of chocolate, glow sticks, cookie cutters, silly straws and sprinkles.


Every Day is the Weekend l You've Been Boo'd! l with printable


Free printable here.  Now, go forth and BOO!




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