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WARNING!!  It’s VERY IMPORTANT that you check out these sites yourself, before allowing your children to visit them.  Things on the Internet change very rapidly, so it’s important that you take the time to check out the site to make sure it still is, what it was at one time.  Also, one wrong character typed into the URL can take you to a whole different world than where you thought you were going!  :)

If you discover a broken link or a page that is no longer in service (or isn’t what it use to be), please drop me a note so that I can correct the problem.  This will save time for those people visiting the page.  Thanks!


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Links Added 3.26.11

Math: Coloring 4 All (online dot to dot)




Spelling: Look, Cover, Write, Check


Game Goo - Learning That Sticks


ALSC Homepage – Cool Sites for Kids

Welcome to Cartoon

BONUS.COM the Supersite for Kids

YALSA – YA Sites

Welcome to the Internet Gaming Zone!

Kids Com:  Play Smart, Stay Safe and Have Fun!,ll

Apple Corps

Nick Jr.

Children’s Storybooks Online



Book Adventure

Bonnie’s Fun Stories

Effective Uses of the Internet in Primary …

Lil’ Fingers Welcome

Sand Art

The Philadelphia Zoo – Primates

Loogootee Elem. West Homepage


Billy Bear’s Playground

The Sites Made for Kids Portal^made^for^Kids+Reference/Education/Children/


Cyberkids – Where Creative Kids Click

Parade Cover


Berit’s Best Sites for Children

Funology – The Science of Having Fun!

Kid’s Sites A – K



ALFY – The Web Portal for Kids

FEN: Kids’ Game Room,2794,22-115,00.html

Alphabet Game

LEGO DUPLO Turn’n’Match Game

Friendship Stories

Online Coloring by Color Me Fun!

The Peanuts Page

Calvin and Hobbes Page

Rugrats World

Hidden Pictures


I Spy

Winnie the Pooh and Friends

Rebus Rhymes: Mother Goose and Others

Sesame Street Stories,1163,,00.html

Disney Book Factory

Animal Sounds

Farm Animals


The Electronic Zoo


Apple Face

Tickle Me Elmo

Kindergarten Technology Integration

Teacher Resources for Interactive Math Skills

Ready-Set-Go Interactive Math Skills

Math Word Problems for Children


Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

Number and Word Puzzles

Everday Mathematics Teacher Ideas

McGoo’s number facts -freeware number facts program to download

Math Goodies: Interactive Math Lessons - With A Problem-Solving Approach!

Cool Math.Com

A Feast of Homonyms


Learning to Use the Mouse

Kids Links

Fun Brain.Com

Missing Magic


MyABCD Mini Demo

Matching Pictures Game



Berenstain Bears

Poetry for Kids by Kenn Nesbitt

Uncle Fred's Drawing Lessons

Edwina's Energetic Elephant

Everyone Bounce!

Farm Animal Sounds

Farm Matching with Spot

Find the Funny Fish

Guppy Race

Gone Fishing

Hello Kitty's Shapes and Colors

ABC Hide and Seek

Angel Tic Tac Toe

Blobs' Two-of-a-kind

Barney Games

Click-a-Part-Choo Choo

Concrete Jumble

Doggy, Where's Your Bone

D.W.'s Art Studio and Coloring Page

Land Before Time Coloring Corner

Leap Frog

Musical Menagerie

Matching Pictures Game

Mildred Mutton's Memory Game

Jim Jim the Frog

Koosh Ball


Optical Illusions

Welcome to!

Circle of Friends Fun Page!

Squigly’s Playhouse

Fun Stuff

Room 108 Kids Links

Wee Webbies Homepage

JigZone:  Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Kids Corner,1872,34898-119831-38-55501,00.html



Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun


Games Just for Kindergarteners!

Grade 2 Math Games

Pauly's Playhouse

Book Adventure!

Clifford's Website - The Fun Place to Learn


Literacy Center - The Early Childhood Education Center




Mister Matt's Amazing Shock Doodleworks


Bits and Pieces - Internet Games


Learn to Read @ Starfall - teaching comprehension and phonics


Pattern Blocks:  Exploring Fractions With Shapes


Kids on the Net


Interactive Word Searches


Lite Brite


Switch Zoo - Make Your Own New Animals


BBC - Number Time


Phonics Interactivities


Hangman Word Game


Online Coloring Book


Tic Tac Toe




Word Search




Memory Game


Guess My Number


Math Game


Cluster Game (3D Tic Tac Toe)


Online Coloring Book


Marble Solitaire


Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles


Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers




Month to Month Suggestions for Independent Computer Activities for Center Time


PreK-2 Manipulatives









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